Aleksiina Design Responsibility:

- Aleksiina Design products are manufactured locally in Jyväskylä and Ylöjärvi.

- Our employees are adults.

- Ecological and ethical activities guide product design and manufacturing.

- The main raw materials for textile products are fabrics made from natural fibers and, wherever possible, organic.

- The inks used in the prints and jewelry paints are water soluble and non-toxic.

- We use birch plywood made in Finland and other wood types from Finnish manufacturers. The Acrylics come from the UK.

- Textile products are not packed in plastic at any stage of production or delivery. We use materials made of paper and cardboard for shipments.

- Waste is properly sorted and the amount of mixed waste is actively reduced.

- All Riiminka and Aleksiina Design textiles can return their full life to RIIMINKA & Aleksiina Design stores. We are still waiting for a suitable destination or use for this waste. Suggestions?

- Transport is mainly handled by the Post's carbon neutral services. Other deliveries will be compensated in the future.

- Our carbon footprint at 5.3.2020 annually is:

26,0 t CO2ekv

The biggest emissions come from the district heating, electricity consumption and business travel between the three RIIMINKA & Aleksiina Design stores (people + freight). The trips are mainly made by train (about 78,000km / year) and by car (28,000km / year). In electricity, we are completely switching to renewable energy for commercial properties and getting our footprint down. The final calculations will be completed during the spring and in May, we will offset the remaining coal with emissions trading.

Our goal is to be a carbon neutral company in May 2020.