The Aleksiina Design products are all manufactured in Finland.

The jewelery is made in our own studios in Tampere and Fiskars. The clothes are made in Aleksiina's own Palokka Sewing Shop in Jyväskylä.


Materials for products such as fabrics and jewelery wood and metal parts are mainly purchased from Finnish wholesalers and manufacturers. In addition, parts and materials are purchased from England and Germany.

Wood and acrylic

The wood used in our jewelery is a Finnish birch plywood with certificates PEFC (wood chain authentication) and FSC (wood comes from well-managed forests that produce ecological, social and economic benefits).
Oak plywood also comes from Finland. Plywood can be discarded by burning.

We use Perspex acrylic. Acrylic (PMMA) can be discarded by incineration in an appropriate waste treatment plant where the flue gases are treated properly and the resulting energy is recovered.

Metal parts

The metal parts of jewelery are nickel-, cadmium- and lead-free according to the EU directive. Often parts are silver-plated.


Jewelery is hand-painted either with water-borne acrylic paint or with organic wood-based paints. We do not use color printing as colouring the jewelry and we do not use Spray Paints for dyeing.


We do not use separate packaging for the clothes.

In jewelry we use Eco-friendly FSC certificate gift box. 

In postal packages, we use paper and cardboard.

All our packaging materials can be discarded by burning.


Happy Finnish Fashion!

Aleksiina Design