Happy fashion from Finland!

Aleksiina Design brand is located in Tampere and established in 2017 by Pauliina Pajunen, focusing on Finnish fashion jewelry, accessories and clothing.

All Aleksiina Design's products are manufactured in Finland. Clothing made in own sewing shop Jyväskylä and Jewelry made in own studio Tampere.

Aleksiina Design's production is guided of ecological and ethical values, without forgetting the significance of Finnish craftsmanship.

Enjoy! Aleksiina Design - Happy Finnish Fashion!

Photo: We support ice diver Johanna Nordblad's world record attempt in diving under ice. Photographer Elina Manninen.

Aleksiina Rainbow Heart Earrings

Product no.: 2183

36.00 *

Aleksiina Banana Earrings

Product no.: 2000

42.00 *

Aleksiina Lemon Earrings

Product no.: 2001

32.00 *

Aleksiina Aqua One Earrings Black

Product no.: 2027

18.00 *

Aleksiina Culottes Pants linen blue

Product no.: 2201

124.00 *

Aleksiina Selma College/Sweatshirt Dress

Product no.: 2208

98.00 *

Aleksiina Selma velor dress, rust

Product no.: 2203

124.00 *

Aleksiina Senna Coat black

Product no.: 2206

175.00 *

Aleksiina Tilia Dress black one size

Product no.: 2209

139.00 *

Aleksiina Vienna Velor Dress Dark Blue

Product no.: 2211

169.00 *

Aleksiina Small ZikZak Shoulder Bag Unique 1

Product no.: 2212[1]

49.00 *

Aleksiina Hair Scrunchie Big Denim

Product no.: 2214[3]

8.00 *
Including VAT 24%